The shafts are straightened after the heat treatment processes and between mechanical
machining steps.
From manual straightening to fully automated straightening with presses and roller straighteners, different straightening methods are used with forces from 10 tonnes to 315 tonnes.

Deep-freezing, tempering

The heat treatment occurs using annealing plants with an open atmosphere. The temperature range here is between 120°C to 680°C. The control occurs via batch elements. The process is completed by annealing and tempering.


The surface structure is optimised through polishing and belt grinding. At LinTec, systems are used with up to seven polishing stations. The desired surface is achieved in coordinated steps, up to a mean roughness value Ra under 0.15 micrometres. Polishing is also used after the chrome-plating.


We produce customer-specific finished parts using different machining methods:

  • Turning, conventional
    Machinable components: Maximum length 6,300 mm,
    Diameter 5 to 380 mm, Maximum weight 2,000 kg
  • CNC turning
    Machinable components: Length 10 mm to 6,280 mm,
    Diameter 4 to 400 mm
  • CNC turning with bar feeder
    Machinable components: Maximum length 8,000 mm,
    Diameter 3 to 80 mm
  • CNC milling centre
    Traverse paths of X-axis 8,000 mm, Y-axis 630 mm, Z-axis 550 mm,
    NC swivel head, speed range 20 rpm to 12,000 rpm,
    NC rotary table, dividing accuracy +/- 2“,
    Face plate diameter 500 mm

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