Service and quality

High quality is a standard product characteristic at LinTec. In addition to the strict quality assurance of the individual products, LinTec’s management system is certified according to the international standards ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. The environmental and energy management is also certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and is practised daily.

  • Faults prevention takes priority over faults elimination at LinTec. The goal is zero faults in the sense of a complete fulfilment of customer requirements.
  • Continuous improvement of the processes, the organisational structure and ultimately the products and services accompany the work at LinTec. In addition to continuous development in the corresponding areas, the company suggestion scheme also makes an important contribution to this.
  • Employee orientation, advanced training and further education as well as optimal working conditions are important parts of LinTec’s corporate policy - so that peak performances can be achieved today and tomorrow on national and international markets and resources and the environment are protected.

Together with our customers we develop products that meet high and also very specific requirements.

  • Product consultation
  • Customer-specific development
  • Production technology optimisation

Quality certifications as well as a comprehensive quality assurance document the high quality standard.

Quality assurance and materials testing

LinTec uses various methods and instruments to ensure the product quality. Materials tests as per DIN EN 10204 are certified and accompany the entire production process. Extensive tests are possible on site or at partner laboratories.

Testing of mechanical and technological properties:

  • Hardness testing devices
  • Fully automated small load hardness tester

Metallographic tests:

  • Laboratory for sample preparation, such as hot embedding and grinding preparation
  • Microscopes allow for an exact material examination
  • Determination of the chemical composition (spectral analysis) via an external laboratory

Tests of geometry and surface roughness:

  • Contour measurement device
  • Roughness measuring devices

Testing straightness and distortion:

  • Measuring tables with measuring bridges in different lengths

Continuous development of heat treatment, determination of tempering temperatures:

  • Continuous development of heat treatment, determination of tempering temperatures:
  • Laboratory furnaces

Destruction-free test methods:

  • Crack and microstructure tests according to the eddy current principle

Corrosion tests

Service life tests

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